2023漫話日記與藝娛文創聯名合作角色「療魚貓」上架平臺角色商店,發展「療魚貓的多重宇宙」角色主題,由13位療魚貓各自擁有自己的特色與生日組成。藝術家 倪子鈞(小馬)擁抱天馬行空的想法創造「療魚貓」,從簡易的魚型線條加上繽紛的色塊鋪成,逐漸發展出不同的造型變化。



In early 2023, MangaChat has partnered with EntrArt Co., Ltd. to launch “JoyFishCat” on the platform’s character store. This collaboration has resulted in the development of the “JoyFishCat’s Multiple Universes” theme, featuring 13 unique characters, each with their own distinct features and birthdays.

Taiwanese artist, Xiao Ma, conceived JoyFishCat with a wildly imaginative idea,and it began with simple fish-shaped lines and eventually evolving into an array of colorful styles.

MangaChat is committed to promoting public awareness of the importance of emotional awareness and management. Through creative mediums such as art and writing, individuals can effectively organize their thoughts, clarify their emotions regarding specific events, and develop a deeper understanding of their own emotions.

So, which JoyFishCat character best represents your inner self? Redeem your own JoyFishCat and discover your own unique universe!

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