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Playing with feelings--
explore your child's inner world!

Animal Emotion Diary is a board game product that combines AR technology and picture cards. By using AR technology, the beautiful contextual picture cards come to life and allow children to freely choose animal expressions, adding interactive fun. Parents can explore their children's inner thoughts through their choices.

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The App that accompanies this product is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Please ensure that your device is capable of supporting augmented reality (AR) before using the App. To confirm compatibility, simply click the download button or scan the QR code.


Device supports ARKit


Device supports Google ARCore

Please enable the App by selecting "Activate"

Once downloaded and installed, the App can be launched directly, but it requires an activation code found within the packaging to be enabled.

Scan the activation code located on the inside of the lid

On home page, it will guide you through the activation process. Simply click on the prompt and scan the QR code located inside the outer box to activate the feature.

Supports up to 4 devices

Please note that the activation code included with each product can only be used to activate the feature on a maximum of four devices.

Hear the Stories, Share the Experience

Unlock the Power of Storytelling

MangaChat AR features scenario stories that allow children to click on various emotion buttons and display animated expressions of the main character. This interactive experience creates opportunities for children to have meaningful conversations about the emotional responses to different events, fostering emotional awareness, empathy, and healthy expression.

Background Message

Guide children to identify the scenes and objects on the cards, allowing them to understand the contents of the cards through observation.

The three-part structure of a story: Event, Emotion and Resolution

As the story progresses, use the app to scan the picture cards which display the character's emotions and the causes of the events, helping children understand the events, emotions awareness, solution thinking, and cultivate their social emotional learning abilities.

Discussion and Expression

Encourage children to share their experiences and emotional responses, discuss the insights gained from stories, and promote their reflection and expression abilities.

Master of Mind-Reading Games

Become the player who best understands others' thoughts.

Each person has different feelings about the same thing.
This gameplay emphasizes emotional expression between players, observation of others, and interaction with each other. Learn to express oneself and respect others.


Each player is given three chips to start by the person who is the banker. They can use all three chips in the same turn or use them separately during each turn.
The banker starts the game by scanning the AR card, reading the scenario aloud, and choosing their own emotional word on the device they are using.
The other players must place one or more of their chips on the emotion that they think the banker chose. Once all of the chips have placed each player takes a turn to explain their reason for choosing the emotion. If they explain well, the banker can award them with another chip for the next round.
The player who guesses the correct emotion to the banker receives their original chip(s) plus another one to match the number of original chips. The chips that are placed on the incorrect emotion are taken back by the banker. The next player to the bankers left then chooses a new card and another round begins.
The player with the most chips at the end after each player has a turn wins the game. The game can then be repeated.

Family Learning

Sharing Feelings And Creating Stronger Bonds

There are 50 cards each with a unique short story. By reading the stories and identifying the correct animated expression in the app, parents can establish meaningful moments with their children. They can understand their children's emotional responses in different situations, share feelings and solutions, and learn to grow together as a family.

Mother/ Foreign Language Learning

Multilingual learning breaks down barriers in emotional communication.

Enhance your emotional intelligence by learning English emotional vocabulary with the help of picture cards. Communicate your feelings in multiple languages and bond with your child through the power of emotional expression. Together, you can break down language barriers and strengthen your relationship.

MangaChat AR meets emotions in a fun, interactive way unlocking your child's innermost thoughts.