Taiwan’s Cross-Cultural Digital Journal Exchange Program

Provides an opportunity for students to expand their cultural knowledge and interact with global peers.

A journal exchange program that integrates social-emotional learning and cross-cultural exchange through AI technology and comic art.

Plan Concept

We hope that through this project, students will not be limited by time or distance, and through technology, every student will have the right to authentic learning opportunities, to engage with peers around the world and to expand their worldview.

Program goals

Cultivate students' social-emotional literacy and enhance students' confidence in self-expression.

Provide students with an international perspective as well as inspire interests in caring about the environment and the international community.

Expand teachers' ability to apply technology in their teaching to enrich their curriculum.

Program Content

According to the registration status of the program, we will match schools in different regions to promote cross-cultural overseas exchanges.

*The picture shows the reach and impact of our first exchange program.


Facilitators assist teachers in preparation

Allowing the program to run smoothly.


Responsible for coordinating meetings across time zones, helping to monitor student journals, offering additional support when needed.

Group management

  • Schools are paired in small pods and work together throughout the duration of the program. Schools are grouped together by location to try to reduce the challenges of time zones.
  • Questions can be asked in an online group and will be answered by the facilitators.

Teacher Training Plans

Two online teacher training sessions will be held beginning in December. These training will focus on cultivating culturally responsive classrooms and the other training will focus on technology and how to use the platforms. The program will start in February 2023.

Pre-service training

Teacher training and workshops

The teacher trainers will teach teachers how to operate the software and guide students to communicate with children from different countries, so that the project can be implemented successfully.

Week 1


During the orientation, students will learn and familiarize themselves with the journaling platforms and the overall concept of the program.

Weeks 2 and 3

Journal Writing

During this section, the students write and share their own journals. Students are encouraged to be creative in how they respond to the journal prompts. These responses will be shared with their partner classes in the next phase of the program.


Make it easy for every student to write a journal and express his/her thoughts in a fun and easy way.

Weeks 4 and 5

Technology Platform and Journal Exchange

Students will interact with their partner classes using a secure blogging platform called Fan.School. All journals and comments are monitored and approved by teachers and facilitators.

Week 6

Video call

Students will meet up online and share what they learned and enjoyed from the exchange program. This will be the final phase of the program.

Program Results

"Not only the students, but also the teachers have gained a lot from it!"

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teachers satisfied
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students satisfied
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teachers have a better understanding of cultural education after participating

"Through cultural exchange, students can learn English expressions from the platform of FanSchool, and get in touch with oversea students. It is very interesting to see the cultures of different countries."

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Participant feedback


Excellent platform to learn about emotions and culture of children globally.


I feel the exchange diary is funny, because We can share our daily life with people from different countries.


The students enjoy engaging in an online environment with students across the globe.
A fabulous initiative.


I can learn a new culture and have new friends. Moreover we are good in writing right now, after trained to make journal everyday.

    Want to get your classes involved in the program?

    Registration in NOW open! Fill out the form here.


    A: All applications are welcome. You can reach us via an email or message before 6.30pm, October 31st.

    A: Please fill in the registration form, and we will contact you with further information.

    A: The teachers will need to attend the online training sessions. The participating schools will need to ensure that their students have access to a computer or tablet to participate in the program and that internet access is available.

    A: Online training workshops for teachers will be held from December this year to the winter vacation. The program will start in the spring semester.

    Any further questions?