The products were developed using Artificial Imagination Technology. This helps users visualize their texts into illustrations. Our mission is to engage young people while inspiring them to create art that builds self-worth and creativity.


Best Socio-Emotional Learning Platform for K12 Education
MangaChat is an illustration-based digital diary system for K-12 students. Using AI, MangaChat analyzes emotional cues from students’ text and generates comic panels using their words. This aids K-12 students to recognize and acknowledge their emotions in a roll-play scenario, thus, helping them learn how to express their emotions through art.
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Unconventional AI

Artificial Imagination
Analogous to the concept of artificial intelligence, where the computer is given the ability to be ‘intelligent’, our intentions are to give the computer the ability to ‘imagine’. This gives the meaning that directly ties into our ability to synthesize images about the world and ideas around us even if our senses are not tuned to pick it up.

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